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The best organic bakery in Oslo

Have you tried the Norwegian classic bun, skolebolle?

Godt Brød, the best organic bakery in Oslo

Godt Brød, the best organic bakery in Oslo.

Godt Brød is an organic bakery in Oslo, serving the best buns and sandwiches in the city. It is a must to try the Norwegian classic bun, skolebolle.

Norway still lags behind when it comes to organic food though much has changed the last years, especially with the rise of the organic restaurant, Maaemo, to the culinary Michelin stars. If you want a cheaper option, the organic bakery “Godt Brød” serves the best Norwegian buns and sandwiches in Oslo.

Cheap food still goes for many Norwegians despite the fact that we have never spent less of our income on food than now. Even Christmas is no exception where people go mad in search of pork belly cheap as a two bottles of milk. But there are exceptions.

“Godt Brød” is a Norwegian bakery chain serving organic bread since its opening in 1995. At that time organic products were mostly found in health food stores. They serve the finest skoleboller (school buns), a quintessentially Norwegian bun with custard in the middle and icing topped with desiccated coconut. It resembles the English Manchester tart, though the jam and bananas are omitted.

School bun (skolebolle), best of Norwegian bakery

School bun (skolebolle), best of Norwegian bakery.

Visit their store in Grünerløkka where you can sit in the backyard in the summer. The building and backyard was once a stable for “tram horses”. The first trams in Oslo were drawn by horses until the trams turned electric in 1900.

Godt Brød bakery is situated in Grünerløkka, one of the most urban, historic and green neighbourhoods in Oslo with many parks and buildings from the 19th. century. In 2013 Grünerløkka was, along with the likes of Shoreditch in London and Williamsburg in New York chosen by Lonely Planet as one of 10 neighbourhoods in the world with an incredible makeover. Moreover, Grünerløkka is also neighbour to a long stretch of the Akerselva River, an 8 kilometer long city river offering one of the best strolls in Oslo.  In fact so much New York Times named it one of 12 favourite city streets in Europe.

Note! If you want a feinschmecker coffee to go with the bun, Norway’s best barista and supplier to the restaurant Noma, Tim Wendelbo, is just a block away, address Grüners gate 1.

Godt brød at Grünerløkka

Address: Thorvald Meyers gate 49

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