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Redcurrant cordial

How to make 100 % natural redcurrant cordial – and a few words on aspartame

Strawberries with meringue

A handful of wild strawberries embracing garden strawberries. A doll-up of meringue. The loveliest strawberry dessert.

Blackcurrant cordial

The minute I started picking, the sky opened up to fill the air with rain. Was it purple rain?

Strawberry Eton mess

I am sorry tiramisu and crème brûlée. I am messing with someone else

Rhubarb tart 1938

She once was engaged to a man, but it was not to last. She lived her life as a spinster, baking cakes for her sister's grandchildren, for another woman's husband

My pasta bolognese

Pasta bolognese is one of the most famous Italian dishes, yet it doesn’t exist in Italy