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Scandinavian bites

Toast Skagen
Scandinavian smorgasbord
Creamy rice porridge
Danish pork apples
Open sandwiches with eggs
Nordic BLT with dry-cured lamb
Scandinavian waffles with cardamom
Black pudding with syrup
Lingonberry jam (rørte tyttebær)
Preserved cherries in syrup
Oat pancakes with chocolate and bananas
No-knead cinnamon buns
Norwegian sweet lefse
Dried fruit soup with barley
Gingerbread nuts
Scandinavian fry-up (pytt i panne)

Fish & seafood

Salt cod stew (bacalao)
Brazilian fish stew (moqueca)
Pan-fried trout with potato salad
Salmon with paradise butter
Clam stew “Oslo”


New potato salad “Markens grøde”
Vegetarian wok with baby corn and carrots
Pasta salad with roasted tomatoes
Greek salad, tzatziki and saganaki
Onion pie with thyme

Meat & game

Wild autumn stew with chanterelles
Norwegian lobscouse stew
Pasta bolognese (ragù alla Bolognese)
Bacon and onion pie
Yellow pea soup
Quick pasta with spinach and pimentón
Summer pasta with roasted vegetables
Lasagne with grated carrots
Roasted vegs and creamy mushrooms

Cakes & baking

Gluten-free tarte tatin
Truck birthday party cakes
Brownies with caramel and pecans
Cupcakes three ways
Cinnamon biscuits
Banana cake with no eggs
Norwegian success tart
Arctic mille-feuille (kvæfjordkake)
Chocolate cake with blood oranges
English fruitcake
Healthy Easter cake with nuts
Rhubarb tart 1938
Strawberry pavlova with yogurt


Roasted plums with cookie topping
Raspberries with cookie and custard
Eton mess with strawberries
Eton mess with raspberries
Panna cotta with strawberries
Strawberries with meringue
Gooseberry crumble
Rhubarb crumble
Fruit salad with clementines
Creamy rice pudding (ris a la mande)
Tiramisu with chocolate
Danish berry pudding (rødgrød med fløde)
Mango ice cream with wild raspberries
Clementine jelly with ginger
French toast with gingerbread crumbs


Smoothies with lingonberry and spinach
Strawberry milkshake
Blackcurrant cordial (solbærsaft)
Redcurrant cordial (ripssaft)
Nordic mojito with blackcurrants
The Bramble cocktail
Apple cocktail with vanilla and cinnamon
Ginger lemonade with lime and passion fruit
Rhubarb lemonade with lime
Mulled wine with honey and orange


Potato chips with cajun spice
Healthy egg salad with lots of salad
Overnight oats with nuts and berries
Citrus salad with Greek yogurt
Marzipan stars for Easter

Eating Oslo

Olympen – classy and cheep
Godt brød bakery – best organic bakery
Fiskeriet – cheapest fish restaurant

Food & travels

North Norway + rhubarb pudding
North of Norway + fish soup
Travel guide to Ibestad
Moldova + cherry pie
Athens + meze
New Orleans + jambalaya
London and Paris, which is the best food city?
London – a walk on the South Bank
Eating London
Venice + macedonia di frutta
Venice + spaghetti alle vongole
Venice + bellini

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  • Glynis Meadows
    August 25, 2020 | 5:01 pm

    What a find! Good food, well written recipes and an inspiration during the CV-19 pandemic. Thanks so much for this resource.

    • nordicdiner
      October 15, 2020 | 4:53 pm

      Hi Glynis, and sorry for my belated reply. Thank you so much for your kind comment. Hope you are doing well! Best regards, Trude

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