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Overnight oats with berries

Oats is the superfood of the North

Overnight oats with nuts and berries

Overnight oats with nuts and berries.

For centuries oats and barley have been staple foods in our Nordic diet.

Gå til norsk versjon

During WW2 when Norway was occupied by Nazi-Germany and food was scarce, Denmark supplied us with oats and milk powder which were used to make ”Danish soup” for school children in Oslo. A similar story is found at a nursing home in Trøndelag, Norway, where the manager replaced the late night bread with oat soup with blueberries. The small change in diet boosted the seniors’ immune system and decreased the number of diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

Oats – superfood from the North

Oats is the superfood from the North. Still we seek exotic ingredients such as quinoa and chia seeds from Latin-America. It seems we tend to believe food is more super the more exotic it is. But have a look at quinoa versus oats. They contain the same amount of protein and have several benefits. Maybe in Lima or other South American cities the elite in the future is going to buy expensive oats from remote Norwegian villages labeled the superfood from the North?

Eating for your heart and brain

It has for a long time been widely accepted that cardiovascular diseases are linked to your lifestyle, but also the risk of getting cancer can be reduced by lifestyle changes. I think this gives us an opportunity to make the best out of our life. To make matters better, the same method that reduces the risk of getting cardiovascular disease, also inhibits the changes of getting cancer.

Overnight oats with nuts and berries

Food against cancer can be summarized into the following: Eat a lot of vegetables, berries, legumes, herbs, extra olive oil, fruit, fish and seafood. On the other hand you should limit the consumption of red meat, processed meat, sugar and fried food.

Oats reduces the cholesterol, stabilizes the blood sugar and reduces the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. According to the doctor and neurologist Are Brean our brain consists of 10 % pure fat and thus needs fat to function. Saturated fat, trans fat and sugar lessens your cognitive skills. The brain needs the good fat, fatty acids, obtainable from fat fish, walnuts and flax seeds (omega-3 fatty acids) or almonds and extra olive oil (omega-9 fatty acids).

I have a wife I want to get old with. I have a son I want to give the best ever starting point. He should not experience loosing a parent at a tender age. My daddy died one year after he celebrated his 50th birthday. He had seen the writing on the wall, but did not change direction. Maybe he thought he had more time.

Overnight oats with nuts and berries

Overnight oats with nuts and berries (makes 1)

Overnight oats literally makes itself by soaking overnight in the fridge. Here are two versions, with and without milk.

The ordinary one:
0,75 ml oats
100 ml almond milk or ordinary milk
a handful of nuts (walnuts and almonds)
a handful of berries or fruit
1 tbsp maple syrup (optional)

The alternative one:
0,75 ml oats
100 ml almond milk or apple juice)
a handful of nuts (walnuts and almonds)
a handful of berries or fruit
1 tsp cinnamon
a handful of dried fruit
grated zest from a thumb of fresh ginger

Place the oats in a jar. Add your choice of liquid, chopped nuts and the rest of your chosen ingredients. Leave overnight in the fridge. Serve with berries or fresh fruit.

More healthier food?

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  • Sophie
    January 11, 2015 | 9:23 pm

    I made it & used home-made cashew milk in here. It was a very tasty easy breakfast ! Very tasty too!

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